Weight Room Recording Sheet

The links below open a Weight Room Testing Log sheet and our automated Weight Room Recording chart. The Recording chart will be updated with testing results and new workout programs prior to each new training cycle. It is your responsibility to print your WR Recording Chart and have it available in the weight room for your lifting sessions. The specific adaptations targeted in each training cycle are only achieved if you are doing the volume (sets + reps) and intensity (weights + recoveries) prescribed by the program.

Depending on you browser, simply clicking on the link below may open the file in the browser which may make it difficult or impossible to edit and print for your specific use. Instead, you may need to right-click on the link and chose Save or Open with... to either save the file to your computer or open the file directly with MS Excel.

Follow the directions in the first tab of the workbook and the appropriate weights will automatically fill in on the Recording Chart tabs. Make sure you print from the appropriate tab:

TF: Primarily Freshmen

AC: Primarily Sophomores

NQ: Primarily Juniors & Seniors

AA: Primarily Juniors & Seniors with a Nationals training focus

Click the attachment below to download or open.