B.I.G. Time

Defining a Championship Program

Frosty Westering (long time head football coach at Pacific Lutheran University) is well known for his motivational speeches, unique approach to program development, and a saying: “Make the big time where you are.” In other words, respect and see the value in your situation and be your best self in that circumstance.

Being a Championship Program is about being B.I.G. Time. To be a Champion, you make the B.I.G. Time where you are:

You have to Believe in yourself

and have the Integrity to act productively upon your beliefs

such that the Goals that spring from your beliefs are attainable.

A B.I.G. Time program is made up of B.I.G. Time people.

Individually & collectively, we must BELIEVE...

...that we can COMPETE with anybody

...that only our BEST EFFORTS will bring us true success

...that the successes we pursue—our efforts to be our athletic and personal bests—are WORTH the sweat & commitments they require

…that the accomplishments of our TEAMMATES and our team as a whole are every bit as gratifying as our individual achievements

We must have the INTEGRITY

…to PREPARE for the challenges of competition

…to put forth our best effort every day (CONSISTENCY in training leads to confidence in competition)

…to work hard and fulfill your COMMITMENTS to yourself and your teammates, even when you have opportunities to do otherwise (good training partners are the best training aids available)

…to SUPPORT your teammates’ efforts to be better every day

Individually & collectively, we must establish GOALS

…that are IMPORTANT to us

…that INSPIRE us to give our best efforts every day

…that help us FOCUS and make good decisions in all areas of our lives

…that combined make Christopher Newport University Track & Field/Cross Country a B.I.G. Time program

As a Track & Field/Cross Country Program, our platform for education is our sport. We use this platform as an analogy applicable to all areas of our lives.

Family, Community, Profession - all can trade language into these descriptions and work equally well.

Further thoughts:

Competition is not necessarily about finishing first. Competition is a learning opportunity where you get to test and advance your limits—if you accept the challenges of the other competitors and respond with your best effort, then you are successful and you have given yourself the chance to win. It is an extension of the learning process you experience in your everyday training: How does your body and mind work for you? Which elements do you control and to which must you adapt? Where must you go to find inspiration and motivation to meet your toughest challenges?

You are important to your teammates. Recognize that someone is always watching and that you have the opportunity to be a positive influence with every decision. Understand that the attitude you share with your teammates is contagious. Your level of commitment can inspire your teammates to greater levels of success or feed their insecurities and let them fall victim to their weaknesses. Choose to be a positive influence and help lead the program to success.

We have lofty goals for the program, the team, and for ourselves and they give us direction. Our belief in those goals allows us to grow and inspires the integrity--the commitment--to chase them to ever greater successes.

Belief, Integrity, and Goals must work together

for us to be B.I.G. Time people and be a B.I.G. Time program.

A Championship Program