Training Focus

Cross Country/Distance Weekly Plans will be e-mailed by Coach Feldman.Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Multis Workouts and their Lifting programs are attached below.Weight Room Recording Charts are also available to track your progress.

This is the Cross Country and Track & Field Pre-Season Training Phase

With every success find humble confidence.

With every setback, find opportunity & resolve.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach

It has been a long spring & summer since we were all training together on campus. Hopefully we are nearing the chance to return and see each other putting in the work in person!

We have talked about the opportunity and responsibility you all have to your teammates and classmates in navigating the upcoming semester. Making the right decisions on a daily (and hourly) basis to protect the health of the campus community requires continually thinking about your responsibility to OTHERS. You all know how easy it is to make selfish, in-the-moment decisions - and you also know the value in checking those decisions against your long-term goals and the effects they may have on others.

We are a Championship team because we are good at opting for the long-term and for-others decisions. Be the example. Be leaders in helping your classmates be better at this, too and we will all benefit!

Be B.I.G. Time!

Your professors have been working hard this summer to set up their curricula so that it can be effective for in-person, live-stream, and online delivery. That is no easy task and has been a unique challenge. Be mindful of this as you enter into the semester.

Your professors have the knowledge, information, and advice YOU want and need to be successful students. Collaborate with them as you collaborate with your coaches to get the best possible results FOR YOU and you will find some great assets among the faculty!


CNU TFXC Peri-Workout Nutrition Guide