Training Focus

Cross Country/Distance Weekly Plans will be e-mailed by Coach Feldman.Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Multis Workouts and their Lifting programs are attached below.Weight Room Recording Charts are also available to track your progress.

This is the Cross Country and Track & Field General Preparation Phase

With every success find humble confidence.

With every setback, find opportunity & resolve.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach


This past year was (hopefully) a unique experience that challenged our resilience in ways we have not faced in the past. I am proud of how we worked through it all as a team and we have a lot of both tangible and intangible signs of our successes.

2021-22 will be challenging in more familiar ways and also in new ways as we must transition back to "normalcy" and a full, extensive competition schedule throughout the academic year.

We need to carry the positive momentum from our successes and the relief of being able to return to competition into the summer and bind it with the awareness that next year, in many ways, will be an even tougher challenge.

We know the need for resilience. We have practiced it and learned more about our limits through this past year. Let's use that experience to be PROACTIVE in establishing the best tools for the resilience we will need to have a great 2021-22!

Be B.I.G. Time!

Summer is set-up time - whether taking classes manage your over-all academic load, making money to reduce your need to work during the academic year, taking down-time to recharge your mental batteries, or reading ahead for your fall classes to get a head start.

Whatever form it takes, make it INTENTIONALLY PRODUCTIVE for the challenges that lie ahead!


CNU TFXC Peri-Workout Nutrition Guide

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