Training Focus

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XC/Dist Weekly Plans will be distributed via email.
S-H-J-M and Throws Workouts & Lifting programs are linked below.

This is the XC Competition Phase & Track & Field General Preparation Phase

With every success find humble confidence.
With every setback, find opportunity & resolve.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach

School is back! It is great to have everyone back on campus and to have opportunity to train together!

Take advantage of the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming seasons. Establish productive routines and habits that will become the foundations of your training throughout the year.

This is the time to update and outline the path to your short- and long-term goals. Talk with your teammates and coaches to help develop your plan and continue taking the steps you need to achieve those goals!

Study habits and time management will determine your success in the classroom, so let's get those off to a good start! Make sure to introduce yourself to all of your professors and our Academic Support team - build those relationships so they can help you to great success this semester.

Be CHAMPIONS in the classroom as well as in TFXC!

Training Resource Guides

Current Training Plans

If you need to meet with an Athletic Trainer for evaluation or treatment, you must make an appointment with THIS LINK