Training Focus

Cross Country/Distance Weekly Plans will be e-mailed by Coach Lagasse and are attached below.Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Multis Workouts and their Lifting programs are attached below.Weight Room Recording Charts are also available to track your progress.

This is the Cross Country/Track & Field SUMMER TRAINING PHASE

Past successes may enhance confidence, but they provide no assurance of future success.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach

Summer training is the the phase that CHAMPIONSHIP teams do better than everybody else. It is the opportunity we have to make the greatest physical changes (aerobic and muscular strength) that fuel not only our training the rest of the year, but also promote the psychological improvements (confidence & resilience) that we need to elevate to the new levels of performance we covet.

Having a great summer is not the result of one big decision, it is a continuous string of very small decisions - doing your workouts, going to bed, eating right, logging your training so you can adjust appropriately, etc.

How GREAT can we be? Find out by having a GREAT summer and encouraging your teammates to do the same!

Be B.I.G. Time!

Summer classes for some, summer training for all - be consistent and persistent to reap the greatest rewards!