Training Focus

Cross Country/Distance Weekly Plans will be e-mailed by Coach Lagasse and are attached below.Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Multis Workouts and their Lifting programs are attached below.Weight Room Recording Charts are also available to track your progress.

This is the Track & Field INDOOR COMPETITION PHASE

Past successes may enhance confidence, but they provide no assurance of future success.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach

After a brief and productive January Camp, it is time to start the new semester!

With two and three weeks ahead to build up to our next competition opportunities, we have the opportunity to establish some really good habits and rhythms that can serve us well throughout the season.

Take the time to look ahead and see how the season & semester will interact, plan your strategies to allow your training and studying to coexist productively, and reach out to your coaches if you have any conflicts or challenges.

Be B.I.G. Time!

The first week of the semester is the time to get to know your professors and their expectations for you both in process and learning objectives. Make sure you are on the same page in both regards!