Training Focus

Cross Country/Distance Weekly Plans will be e-mailed by Coach Feldman.Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Multis Workouts and their Lifting programs are attached below.Weight Room Recording Charts are also available to track your progress.

This is the Track & Field INDOOR COMPETITION PHASE

With every success find humble confidence.

With every setback, find opportunity & resolve.

To be prepared on the day, you must prepare for the day.

-- Coach

Long overdue to update this blurb... As we are settling into the competitive season, we need to also lock in the mindset that will bring us the best results from our work:

  1. Know that from the goals we have set for ourselves, we have established a process to achieve them. The process is never linear, so we must be prepared to ride the ups & downs knowing that the ups will ultimately win out.
  2. Find genuine joy in the work and small accomplishments we can register each day. Prepare for them, recognize them, and log them. The end goals may provide motivation/inspiration to persevere through the tougher moments, but our consistent focus needs to be on the moments as they happen.
  3. Belief in yourself and the program plus the Integrity to keep making the right decisions along the way will lead you to your Goals.

Be B.I.G. Time!

As with the competitive season, the academic semester should be settling into rhythm. Build good relationships with your professors, your classmates, and your other support resources. Plan far ahead and endeavor to create "rest stops" later in the semester by getting ahead on your work now.


CNU TFXC Peri-Workout Nutrition Guide