CNU TFXC Training Theory

Four Year Plan

The essence of the four-year plan is for each team member to achieve maximal improvement/development over the extent their career. To achieve this, the focus of the frosh and sophomore seasons will be on establishing a solid foundation of strength, an increased capacity for event-specific work, and fundamental technique. The focus will progress to speed, intensity, and the execution of advanced elements through the junior and senior years. Peaking phases of your training require a significant reduction in workload and increase in intensity to sharpen your body (and mind) for the highest level of athletic achievement. This process is not particularly compatible with developing fundamentals, but is well suited for advanced training. Therefore, the peaking phases in your annual plan may be longer in your senior and junior seasons as compared to those in your frosh and sophomore years.

First Year

The first year in the program will focus on developing strength and endurance (work capacity) while learning the fundamentals of their events. Specific preparations for the Championships will remain focused on executing fundamentals.

Performance gains come from enhanced fundamentals and consistency in training.

Sophomore Year

Sophomores will continue developing strength/work capacity while adding more speed and intensity to those foundational elements. We may decide to expand your event profile for the sake of the team and your overall development while spending more time advancing technique for your established events. Championships preparation will incorporate more intensification of various training elements.

Performance gains come from increased familiarity with the program and college environment and the resulting capacity to better capitalize on the training.

Junior Year

In the junior year, we capitalize on the foundations built previously and work to increase capacity for training at higher intensities. At this point in your career, we expect a sufficient level of mastery of fundamental techniques and a sufficient strength and endurance base to allow for several weeks of your training program to be geared towards high level peaking. Technical development is focused on improving consistency at higher intensities.

Performance gains come from greater exposure to higher intensities and overall training and competitive experience.

Senior Year

The final year(s) in the program will capitalize on the capacity for training at higher intensities the same way the sophomore year capitalizes on gains in handling larger training volumes and consistency. The focus is on optimization of all training elements for Championships performances relying on a deep understanding of the athlete-program relationship and great communication between coach & athlete.

Performance gains come from optimized preparations and urgency to capitalize on years of training and competitive experience.


Athletes projected for Nationals will start their peaking phases later in the season to set up the best possible performances at those Championships. Younger athletes and “surprises” will have their training modified to extend their peaks through the Nationals.