August 30, 2013 - ODAC Preview Meet - Insight from Emmie Schmitt (Fr. - Spotsylvania, VA)

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ODAC Preview

From Emmie Schmitt:

Hello everybody! As you all may or may not know I am a freshman to the CNU cross country team this year. Friday, I competed in my first ever collegiate cross country race and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the opportunity to race, let alone be a part of the CNU cross country team, so I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to my coaches and to my teammates for being so welcoming and inspiring.

Now let’s talk about my experience Friday evening. Although nerves had overtaken my body prior to 6 o’clock, I somehow managed to stay pretty relaxed when it mattered the most; during the race. It started off with the starter approaching the line sporadically allowing us to start racing. Putting aside the lack of instruction, I was confident and ready to represent CNU and there was no better way to do that than with my teammates.

Packs of girls were being formed left and right, but the most important pack was my very own team. Throughout the past two weeks we had adapted to staying in packs, which allowed us to work off of each other, during workouts and runs, and that was certainly the goal for the race. Staying relaxed and forming a pack was the key to success for us, and that is what we all managed to do. Even though we didn’t remain as one giant pack, we still formed mini packs. It was absolutely essential to be within a pack so that we could be pushed and motivate one another when the race became tough and draining, but, surprisingly, still exhilarating.

The sun was blaring and the hills became exhausting, but there was no better way to endure the pain than with my very own, truly inspiring, teammate, Jess. Together, we ran every second of the race together, literally from start to finish, and I can’t even begin to write about how helpful and motivating it was to have Jess by my side every step, or stride, of the way. Like I said earlier, the race became tough, but somehow it didn’t seem as bad, just knowing that your teammate is there for you. WE started the race together and we finished together.

We knew we had pretty much finished at the same time, but in racing it’s very unusual to finish at the EXACT same time. That’s just what we did. Finishing my first collegiate race was such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, but finishing beside one of your very own teammates was the most amazing experience of all. I will forever remember the day of my first collegiate cross country race and how I was privileged to finish beside Jess.

Now the race has come and gone I am beyond thrilled for the rest of the season and seeing how we all improve together as a team. It’s a primary focus for us to always “win the day” and I can wait to see what is in store for us. I belong to the best team there could ever be and I can’t wait to excel with them all and become closer through every experience together. To end it, my first collegiate race experience is a day to remember.

Emmie Schmitt


Spotsylvania, VA (Spotsylvania HS)

Neuroscience Major

CNU XC Sub-24 Club

HS 5k Best - 19:34

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