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Priority Registration

posted Mar 18, 2012, 6:27 AM by Tyler Wingard   [ updated Apr 15, 2012, 9:44 AM ]
It is time to register for next semester's classes!  As student-athletes, you are eligible for priority registration to help avoid schedule conflicts with team practices.

It is YOUR responsibility to do everything you can to avoid classes that conflict with our 3-6pm practice window.  The University has done its part to help you with this by requiring classes offered during that time to have other sections that do not conflict (if you find this is not the case, contact Coach Nuttycombe with the course information IMMEDIATELY).

Make sure you have met with your advisor and received your PIN number in time to register on the schedule below.

Note: your class status is based upon CREDITS EARNED and does not include in-progress courses.

Thursday, March 29 (7:00am) - Priority Graduate Students and Undergrads with > 90 Earned Credit Hours

Monday, April 2 (7:00am) - Priority Undergrads (Juniors) with 60-89 Earned Credit Hours

Wednesday, April 4 (7:00am) - Priority Undergrads (Sophomores) with 46-59 Earned Credit Hours
Wednesday, April 4 (7:30am) - Priority Undergrads (Sophomores) with 30-45 Earned Credit Hours

Tuesday, April 10 (7:00am) - Priority Undergrads (Freshmen) with 16-29 Earned Credit Hours
Tuesday, April 10 (7:30am) - Priority Undergrads (Freshmen) with < 15 Earned Credit Hours

Friday, April 13 (5:00pm) - Registration closes for all students