Are you ready to be a Captain???

Three dates to remember when you decide to apply to CNU:
  • November 15 - Early Decision Application Deadline
    • If you KNOW that CNU is the right fit for you, consider the Early Decision option - but keep in mind that this is a BINDING application - if you are accepted, you will be expected to enroll at CNU next fall and withdraw applications to any other universities!
  • December 1 - Early Action Application Deadline
    • We encourage ALL of our recruits to take advantage of the Early Action option - it is a non-binding application that puts you at the front of the line for your decision (notifications go out by Jan. 15) and you get PRIORITY CONSIDERATION for ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS
  • February 1 - Final Application Deadline
    • All applications are due by February 1

When you decide to apply to CNU - make sure to e-mail Coach Wingard so we can help track your status and then GO HERE to apply online with the Common Application

If you think you might be "on the bubble" relative to our admissions standards:

Make sure you talk with Coach Wingard about your situation.  If you believe you are prepared to be a successful STUDENT-athlete at CNU and have convinced us of that, we can advocate for you with our Admissions Staff.  We need to start such a conversation as early as possible and I will need you to keep me informed during your application process, including the day you submit your application.