Study Hall

Post date: Aug 25, 2011 12:50:57 PM

All Study-Hall student-athletes must complete two (2) full 90-minute sessions each week, each on a different day, between 7pm Sunday and 1pm Friday.

Please schedule your sessions early in the week (you do not need to sign up for times or share your schedule, but make it part of YOUR weekly routine!)

Bring your CNU ID and check in at the desk in the Ratcliffe Hall lobby.

No food, no iPods, no cell phones! You are there to study & do work - computers/laptops must be used only for homework.

Student Success Workshops offered during the semester may also be required.

We expect you to fulfill your Study Hall requirements EVERY WEEK! The consequences of missing do not help the team!

If you are sick or otherwise cannot make both sessions, you MUST communicate with Coach Wingard and Joyce Anne Koubaroulis IMMEDIATELY.