General Warm-Up Protocol


Feet & Focus

(sock- or barefeet)

1 minute Balance Stands (each foot)

Normal Walk (25m)

Evert Walk (25m)

Invert Walk (25m)

Pigeon Toe Walk (25m)

Duck Foot Walk (25m)

Backwards Toe Walk (25m)

Heel-Toe "Walk of Life" (25m)

Heel Walk (25m)

Med Ball Warm-Up

Standing Partner Twists (x10 each)

Standing Figure-8's (x10 each)

Kneeling Partner Twists (x10 each)

Kneeling Figure-8's (x10 each)

Hammer Throws (x5 each)

OverHead Back Throws (x5)

Between Leg Forward Throws (x5)

Straight & Lateral Switch Jumps (x20 ea)

Alternate with Crunches & Push-ups

Ankle Circles & Toe Grinds (x10 ea)

Loco Warm-Up

5 min Build-up (Sweat) Run

Ankle Run -> Straight Leg Bounds (50m)

Ankle Circles (x10 each)

Backward Run Build-Up (50m)

Leg Swings (x10 each)

Ankle Run -> Straight Leg Bounds (50m)

Toe Grinds (x10 each)

Backward Run Build-Up (50m)

Super Leg Swings (x10 each)

Straight Lunge Walk/Walking Toe-Touches (x10 each)

Carioca (50m)

Zig-Zag Lung Walk/Walking Quad Stretches (x10 each)

Carioca (50m)

Leg Shakes & Arm Swings (25m)/Walking Medial Glute Stretches (x10 each)

Windmills (50m)

Lateral Lunge Walks/Hip Rotations (x10 each)

Windmills (50m)