Commonwealth Duals


  • To re-ignite and promote head-to-head competition in the sport of Track & Field
  • To promote team competition during the regular season (giving our Sports Information Directors something to write about other than a few names and esoteric National Qualifying Marks)
  • To raise the profile of DIII Track & Field in the Virginia Commonwealth


  • 3-5 teams competing in a multi-dual format
  • Individual events will be scored 5-3-1 for each team pairing with all entries eligible to score.
  • Relay events will be scored 5-0 with all entries eligible to score.
  • For weekends prior to Championships and with consensus from participating coaches, the 5k may be changed to 3k and the Steeplechase may be run as a non-scoring event.
  • Entry fees should be minimal and should only cover the difference between meet management costs and travel costs for participating teams